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December: Travel Nepal in December









December is the first month of winter in Nepal. This is the time when Nepalese farmers are busy harvesting their crops, especially paddy and start planting wheat, potatoes and maize.December can be considered a good time to travel Nepal. The days are fairly dry and sunny. After mid December the nights starts to get very chilly, so pack warm. Late December mornings can be hazy but the day and evenings will be mostly sunny and clear.

Trekking and hiking is possible the whole month and even fairly comfortable for the first half the month. Most of the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang trek are still possible to do. Don’t forget to pack a sturdy trekking boots, since it starts to snow in the upper Himalayan region after Mid December. The recently opened restricted trekking areas of Mustang and Simikot will close down after snowfalls starts.

Take part in the Elephant Polo,football and Bull-cart races held in Sauraha Chitwan. If you love watching movies and documentaries, you will enjoy Kathmandu’s international Himalayan film festival KIMFF held in December.

Average temperature and rainfall:

Kathmandu: temperature min- max---1c – 20c / Av. Rainfall 3mm

Pokhara: temperature min-max---7c to 21c / Av. Rainfall 12mm

Chitwan: temperature min-max—7c – 24c / Av. Rainfall 54mm


Places to Visit:

  •    Pokhara
  •    Chitwan
  •    The Kathmandu Valley
  •    Lumbini
  •    Namo Buddha
  •    Illam
  •    Haleshi, Khotang
  •    Helambu



  •    Udhauli
  •    KIMFF


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