Story of Day Cycling tour in Kathmandu of Dragon Air Crew

Nepal One Tours & Travels has recently started Mountain Bike 1 day tour in Kathmandu for these green and months of May June and July. Because this season is full of greenery and the suburbs of Kathmandu like Chovar, Macchegaun, Matatirtha, Hallchowk turns very much green and feels fantastic to visit around with Mountain bike. You can also see the farmers working on the field with rice plantation and other field work. This season has some shower in town which makes the place not only clean but also reduces the heat. Carry your rain jackets for this trip and be prepared for laundry and a nice warm shower after the trip with little sweat and little muds on your shirts and pants. But at the end of the day it will all worth. The mud and sweat will vanish after the wash and shower but the sweet memory will last forever!!

Here we have decided to post a one “Day Kathmandu Mountain Bike Cycling Trip Story” for our viewers this time on one of the one day cycling trip of Kathmandu where we had the honor of hosting a beautiful, energetic cabin crew members of Dragon Air namely Ken, Mathew and Eta last week. Trip and Itinerary was already booked in advance. Morning transfer to Thamel was also on time. After quick breakfast near our office, we were energized to rock the paddle. There comes the bikes and the introduction on its maneuver, shifting gears, pressure check, seats adjustments and small briefing on the safety measures and routes we were immediately on the go.

Our expert cyclist guide led the cyclist thrugh the alley of Kathmandu to Kalimati then through the wide and paved road to Chovar. The cyclist did the excellent work which also increased the confidence on that the day tour will be on schedule. Because for the cyclist doing it first time in Nepal and with the new cycle on hand, we had some fear till reaching chovar. In Chovar the team visited Manjushree Cave and reached Taudaha for the rest.

Then the team head towards the Macchegaun, through the popular bike route with little bit of Uphill Cycling with the scenes of Champadevi hill’s belt and green trees on the background passing by the very less populated suburb of Kathmandu with very few traffic on the on and off road. Clock hit the Noon and time for the rest, check in at the most popular temple of the region “Mathsya Narayan Temple” the temple of Vishnu and the temple of Matshya Avataar for the Hindu believers. What the another place it could be for the rest at this situation, where you will have a temple at the foothill of dense jungle and local vicinity of Newar Tribe. Their lifestyle could be easily visible there as well as their Ducks.

Time to Paddle again, this time mostly plain and tittle bit of uphill and downhill which is a fun part of Mountain bike. More crowded to pass through and more traffic than the earlier route but more beautiful scenario of the Hills and forest. Then time for a voracious lunch with all the calories drained out with 4 hours of Cycling and Nepalese mid day sun of May. Team arrived at one of the best Korean food restaurant of the region with modern facility namely the “Khushi Khushi Resort” After filling the bellies team is back on the paddle heading to another Popular temple “Matatirtha” which has a huge religious and spiritual values for the Nepalese. The place is also known for the view of Mountains and a reliable drinking water source for the local people of the region. As soon as team entered to see the water source, water did the drama but from the sky this time. Suddenly heavy downpour started, which looked very unlikely in the morning but who can have the control over the weather. At that time the rainfall looked it was never ending, little different time usually Nepalese rainfall  occurs and it pours for a while and slows down then stops immediately unless it is a monsoon one. This time it lasted for almost 2 hours. Even the thoughts of ending the cycling and rescuing the team and bikes by car came in to mind and words, but rain respected the team’s effort and let the journey continue but also forced to switch the route to shorter one direct towards Kalanki via Niakap skiping Dahachowk. Arrive at thamel again and handed over the bikes to office and some ending clicks with the new appearance with extra colorful muds which gave everybody a genuine Cyclist look. After little chit chat about the cycling experience, trip ended with smiles and sharing of thankfulness.         

Personally, as a manager of Nepal One Tours & Travels I thank Ken for choosing our service which we equally enjoyed hosting you with your friends Eta and Matthew. Special heart full thanks also goes to the senior officer of dragon air for the introduction of Nepal One Tours to your colleagues. We really feel the pride for being able to gain recognition and trust from such a huge airlines like Cathay Pacific and Dragon air. We also would like to invite other cabin crew members of international airlines flying to Kathmandu to experience activities in Kathmandu from Nepal One Tours & Travels. Contact Nepal One Tours for 1 day customized trip in Kathmandu for your short visit of Kathmandu and Nepal. Email us to or call or whatsapp us to +9779849054872.

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