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This article is a summary of some of the scenario of few major incident that had happened in Nepal in 2014. Our observation with a tourism lens of the year 2014 seems very progressive. It was the important year for the tourism industry in Nepal as it was the best year among the past decade in terms of the political environment. Unlike other years there used to be lots of strikes, bandhs and riots organized by the top political parties of Nepal, this year Nepalese did not witness those strikes and riots. Lets hope this trend will continue in the 2015 also.
Are you wondering where to visit in Nepal? do you need suggestions about places which you should not miss, or you want to know which places you can cover on your limited number of days in Nepal. Here we are we provide you free information about the important and popular places to visit in Nepal and their minimum time requirement.
This article is short political information of Nepal in 2014. As we consider many of travelers wanting to travel Nepal would like to know the political situation or would have a question in mind that "is it safe to travel Nepal?". We have answers for you. We want to feel free on travelling Nepal without doubt. You can read this article to know what is happening politically in Nepal and is there any chances of politics disturbing your holiday in Nepal.

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