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11 top reasons to visit Nepal after the great Earthquake in April 2015:

1. Nepal is a safe place to visit:
Nepal is a safe place to visit. Some houses and some of the world heritage site has been destroyed and around 8,000 lives was claimed by great earthquake of April 25. However it’s a good news that Nepal is recovering the damage and aftershock has been reduced causing no further damage. The old buildings and the building which were not properly constructed were taken by the earthquake. The cycle of bigger earthquake of 80 years has been occurred so there is no threat of another big earthquake for further 80 years. So the hotels and resorts are safe and it is safe to move around Nepal as well. 8,000 out of 3 hundred million population were claimed which does not reflect the actual picture which media had shown. Life is completely normal in Nepal by now even the heritage sites has been open to public by the government.  

2. Travel for Help:
If you like to help the needy people here is an opportunity for you to help. You can collect aids on your city or country and come to Nepal for help while travelling. In Nepal you can help by many ways like you can donate roofs to families who have lost their home. There are still some places where families are living on the community tents you can donate food for them for month or week or day for them. You can also bring clothes for them. Just by visiting Nepal will also contribute in revenue generation for so many people in Nepal at this stage. So remember so just your visit to Nepal will also count as a great help.

3. Feel the Earthquake:
You can feel the tragedy and the earthquake by yourself if you visit Nepal within few months. As there are lots of earthquake stories which are fresh in Nepal. Visiting Nepal and hearing those stories from local Nepalese will make you feel the tragedy however in a safe way. So before the ongoing reconstruction is done and Nepal gets is new look, visit Nepal as soon as possible.

4. Visit Different Nepal:
Did you travel Nepal in the past? If you have, here is a new Nepal. Come and visit Nepal and see what the difference here is after the earthquake by yourself. The world heritage sites which are still standing but has lost their surrounding looks different come and see that new face of Nepal.

5. Discounted Deal:
You know that, after the great earthquake of 25th April 2015, tourism market was closed for a while and now it is just started so tourism industry of Nepal is trying hard to bring it back to normal. They are making attractive packages and cutting the prices up to 50%. Do not become late to grab this deal. Act smart!

6. Less tourism traffic:
The flow of tourist after the earthquake is less in Nepal nowadays. Be clear that these days there is no such environment in tourism sector in Nepal. Even the hotels, hiking trials, trekking routes and tea houses on the trekking areas are less rush. So enjoy the peaceful environment which is for sure will not last for long. And on top of all be special, get the special treatment as you will be among the first timer tourists in the Nepal after the earthquake.

7. Enjoy the quality hospitality:
Nepal is always on the top like Everest in delivering hospitality to world from its tourism industry. As earthquake hit the business was affected and if you are among the tourists travelling in Nepal after the earthquake break you are likely to receive the best of the best hospitality from all people you meet in this industry all over the Nepal.   

8. Accept the invitation of Nepal:
In spite of great earthquake, the schedule of services and products are fully in operation. Only the thing there is less customers. Definitely the tourism of Kathmandu, Sindupalchoke, Dolakha, Nuwakot, Dhadhing were affected for a while but other destinations such as Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Dhankuta, Janakpur, Illam, Bardiya, Khaptad were not affected at all and they were not closed even for a single day. There are all happening in Nepal like paragliding, Ultra-light, Zip flying, Bungee, Boating, Rafting, Religious visits, Jungle safari, Cultural visits are waiting for your arrival. Nepal is just waiting for you to come, so if you had planned Nepal for your next travel destination do not give up on it. Nepal is inviting you.  

9. Service in operation:  
Nepal is running smoothly to there is no disturbance because of Earthquake anymore. All the business has been resumed. The staffs and employees at the tourism sector are back to work. Immediately after the strike people travelled to their home to different part of Nepal to meet their families and parents and stayed at their home for a while. As the threat of earthquake has gone everybody is back to their professional life. All the business like bank, factory, media, stores are back to their schedule.  

10. Volunteering Tourism:
Number of volunteering for the reconstruction and rebuilding of Nepal is happening. If you consider on spending your college or semester break on volunteering, you can wisely choose Nepal and at the same time enjoy the discounted tour packages offered by travel agents of Nepal.

11. Political stability:
Nepal had a history of 10 years conflict. Even after the peace accord the political parties seemed divided on their demand and opinion and they were quarreling with each other and events of riots and upraise used to take schedule frequently in Nepal because of the political instability. However the earthquake did one good job of bringing the opposing parties to reach in common consensuses and no big dispute has remained in Nepal. They have agreed on most of the disputed agenda and working to give Nepal its full constitution and stable government. So this is one of the peaceful time to travel Nepal as there will be no bandhs and strike in Nepal.    


From this article Nepal One Tours & Travels would like to share the information that by now you can freely travel Nepal, the affect of earthquake has been gone already and Nepal is already back to its normal life. If you have a certain question about Travelling Nepal after earthquake please feel free to write us for our free advice. 

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Date : 19/05/2017

Dear Visitors, We just want to inform you today that, Tourism sector is already bounced back to Normal. There are some monuments destroyed by earthquake 2015 in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and patan which have been already started to rebuilt. There not much effect of the earthquarke left in Nepal. There is no earthquake heappning in Nepal now a days. 

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