Marshyangdi river (3 to 5 Days )

Aptly called " The Raging One" by the locals, Marshyangdi river is the serious undertaking. The best rafters in the world consider rafting in the Marshyangdi river one of the top rafting experience in the World. Adding the spectacular views of Manaslu and Annapurna mountains on the journey, this rafting experience is a dream come true for the adrenaline junkies. 


Rafting between narrow gorges and canyons, battling against the intense rapids, Mayshyangdi is not to be taken lightly. This river is the one that will literally awake every nerve you have and drive your sensory into thrilling madness. The beautiful turquoise river will enchant you, provoke you and seduce you to complete surrendar.

This 35 Km or more rafting journey is filled with extreme water challenges requiring complete focus and acquired techniques. Thus, only the expereinced rafters are encouraged to play with this river. Marshangdi river is graded into the 4+ to 5- class. If you are ready to have the blasting white water adventure recommended by the World famous rafting gods, Marshyangdi is waiting to take you on.

Nepal One tours and travels organizes Marshyangdi river rafting trips,you can take your pick depending upon your time frame and location. Here are the brief descriptions of the proposed itinerary:


3 Days and 4 Nights rafting trip (from Pokhara):


Day 1: After having an early breakfast at your hotel, we will drive to Besi-Sahar for about two hours. After our arrival in the Besi-sahar, we will begin the preparations for our rafting. Our guide will give you the briefing about safety measures, river introductions and challenging hurdles to cross. Listen carefully to the guidelines given.

After that we will start to rafting down to our camp set up. After the first few hours of our battle against the raging one we will retire for the night.

Day 2: After the breakfast we will restart our fight with the raging river. We will stop for lunch in the afternoon and raft down to Turture Bazaar. We will set up our camp in there and relax.

Day 3: The final phase of our battle will begin after recharging our body and mind with the good food and good company. This time we will be rafting down to Bimalnagar. Upon our arrival in Bimalnagar, we will celebrate our unforgettable adventure with delicious food and return back to Kathmandu or Pokhara with the memories we created.


This trip will take 4 days if you'd like to start from kathmandu. Alternatively here is another itinerary to follow for a more challenging rafting experience:


Day 1: After having breakfast in your hotel in kathmandu, we will leave early in the morning for Khudi. This will be a sort of rough journey with over seven hours of bus ride. Upon reaching there, we will trek for about an hour to Bulbule, where we will be camping for the night. We will enjoy the company of new group, the relaxing campfire and the serenity of the Himalayas. We need to be ready as there is a 47 KM rafting journey to scale from tomorrow onwards.

Day 2: We will begin the day with a healthy breakfast. We will then, start the short trek to Nagdi, our put-in-spot for rafting. Our guide will give the briefing on safety,river introductions, hurdles and techniques and basic guidelines. Listen carefully to his instructions as the river you are going to challenge is a serious undertaking. 

We will begin the phase one of our battle with the unforgiving raging one from here. Our destination for the day will be Khudi, our campsite. This pure class 4 journey will be a serious tester, the unimaginable adrenaline thrill will be second to none.

Day 3: Always the second day of rafting is the hardest day. Today we will fight to survive the near class 5 river section. The bigger and trickier Marshyangdi will not easily listen to you. After about  5 hours of paddling through every crash and bumps, we will stop for lunch.

After the lunch and a brief rest, we will be rafting down  to our next campsite, the Marshyangdi Dam. This will be a night to remember.We will all be soaked with not just the river water but also the absolutely wild thrill we have had today.

Day 4: This will be a easier rafting experience then we have had on the prevous day. We will begin the day with a transfer to Paundi. From there we will scale the calmer (class 3- technical and exciting) Marshyangdi. Our destination will be Turture, which will be about three hours of paddling.( for those who would like to extend the rafting, another day can be spent on rafting down to Bimalnagar from here.)

Our transportation will be waiting for us in the Turture bazzar. We will celebrate our unfogettable exerience and part our ways with a big smile and the best story we will have to share with our family and friends.


Contact Nepal one tours and travels for more details about this rafting trip. Happy Rafting !!!


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