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The southern belt of Nepal called Terai, as covered with many thickly dense sub-tropical forests, is a home to some of the largest and rarest collections of birds and animal species. The world’s more than 10% of bird species collection belong in Nepal along with the rarest species of animal kingdom.

From here, Nepal offers some of the most exciting Safaris in the world out of its fourteen national parks and wild reserves, a world record. Elephant back-ride safari, canoeing, Jeep safari, bird watching, visit to elephant and crocodile breeding centre, jungle excursion, dolphin sight tour, jungle hike and elephant bathing, Nepal’s terai will offer you the best time of your life into the wilderness. Chitwan National Park (932 Sq. Km) is the most famous destination for the jungle safari followed by the Bardia national park (968 sq. Km.)

Chitwan National Park:

The first national park of Nepal, Chitwan national park, Chitwan national park is a popular family vacation and the most popular safari destination in Nepal.

There are more than 700 species of wildlife, 19 species of snakes including the King Cobra and the Rock Python, 113 species of fish, mugger crocodile, Bengal tigers, leopards, world’s highest density of sloth bears, Gaurs, the rare one-horned rhinoceros, 543 species of birds and numerous other uncounted butterflies’ species in the park.

As a vacation destination, Chitwan national park offers almost all the activities you’d ever wish in a complete safari and more.

Getting there:

By Air:

Fly to the nearest Bharatpur domestic airport from Kathmandu and the hotel staff will be there to pick you up.

By drive:

 Every morning tourist buses leave for Chitwan starting from 7 am till 7:30 am. Enjoy the scenic five hour drive.

By Raft:

Nepal one tours offers a rafting in Trishuli experience package with a private car ride to Chitwan in many of our tour packages.

Bardia National park:

Located in the remote far western terai of Nepal, Bardia national park is f the largest national park in Nepal. The lesser explored park is home to the largest collection of royal Bengal tigers in Nepal and a habitat to Nepal’s only fresh dolphin. With the more than 53 mammals running around and 407 species of bird flying around, much like Chitwan Bardia national park is adorned with many rare wildlife species along with the largest male elephant in the whole Asian continent.  Slowly developing as a hotspot for jungle adventure Bardia is the go-to option for those who prefer quieter time in travel.

Getting there:

By air:

Fly to Nepalgunj  from Kathmandu and the hotel staff will pick you up from the airport and drive to hotel for another 3 hours.

By drive:

Local buses leave daily to nearest Mahaendranagar inter-district bus connection stop. It is a fifteen hour drive. Nepal one tours offers private car ride with private driver to this destination too.

By raft:

Join in with Nepal one tour's Trishuli white river rafting and private car drive to Bardia for safari.


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